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F16simulator.com is located in Aarhus, Denmark.

F16simulator.com is the maker of interactive and highly immersive F-16 simulators
for entertainment. F16simulator.com’s simulators currently serve over 5000 customers
per year in Denmark and the company employs 5 people in the product development and

Company Mission Statement: It’s every boys dream to be a fighter pilot after watching
the popular movie TOP GUN. F16simulator.com support customers satisfy this dream.

Company history:
The company’s first simulator used for public entertainment was
produced and operational.

in 1996.
The first simulator was based on game software (falcon4), and the technology was
not suitable for production. The entertainment business based on the product quickly proved
itself as profitable, although there were limitations associated with the product.

In 2004
F16simulator.com launched the first simulator into entertainment center in Denmark,
and continued development the hardware to a standalone system to only use one USB
connector to drive the complete cockpit panels and gauges.

In 2008
F16simulator.com secured the rights to use a professional high fidelity simulation
software platform instead of game software. This allowed F-16simulator.com to stand out
from the crowd by being able to offer a so far unseen quality of visual system and overall capability.

In 2009
F16simulator.com received an order for 3 networked simulators for an entertainment
center. With that, a requirement and a significant investment followed for enhancing the products
maintainability and robustness. The simulators we operate and offer today have been through
many development cycles and improvements based on over 15 years of experience in this business.
They are more capable in features, as well as more robust and able to endure the tough environment
they are exposed to.
The simulators deliver the most exciting and immersive experience to customers, and are the only
authentic and fully functional F-16 simulators in the market specifically designed for the purpose of
public entertainment.
We have been quite successful in developing a cost effective solution, and notably in achieving a
highly immersive experience delivered by the 240 by 160 degree fully encapsulating visual system,
which provide an unparalleled and thrilling experience

In 2011
F16simulator.com build and installed 2 cockpit at happy-landings in Frankfurt with
Lockheed Martins Prepar3D software on a 180dg curved screen.

In 2015 F16simulator.com has now delivered more that 20 cockpit all over the world and in marts 2015 we release our F35 Joint Strike Fighter of course with autothrottle function and fully interface tousch screen..

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